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Longings of the Soul

Do you struggle with feelings of discontentment?  Do you ever find yourself agitated for no apparent reason? Do you wonder if there is a purpose for your pain?  Perhaps you even wonder whether your life is really making an impact for God. Such feelings and thoughts are normal, and there is a deep spiritual reason behind them. Longings of the Soul gives a fresh look at the role the Holy Spirit desires to play in the life of a Christ follower to reveal: · What is behind the stirrings in your heart · How God’s purpose is played out in your life · Why heaven is not the end of your story Discover what you are really longing for ... and why.

Lessons from a Church Planter

In Lessons from a Church Planter, Pastor Rob Salvato takes a unique approach: by sharing ministry lessons he has learned from his mistakes in his 30 years of pastoral ministry. His heart is for young church planters to learn from his mistakes, that they might avoid some of the pitfalls of ministry. Pastor Rob also writes with the seasoned pastor in mind, to remind them that they have a special calling and that they are a part of a wonderful brotherhood.

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