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The Basics of Life is the radio ministry of Pastor Rob Salvato, lead pastor at Calvary Vista, in Vista, California.

These messages were taught live at Calvary Vista.

Pastor Rob married his best friend, Denise, in 1986 and they have three adult children and one grandchild.


In 1991 Rob and Denise planted a church in Oregon and served there for over four wonderful years. In 1996 the Lord called them to return to California and Rob became the lead pastor at Calvary Vista. Rob and Denise truly enjoy serving Jesus together at Calvary Vista.

Calvary Vista is a spiritual influence in the area of North County San Diego and has helped plant churches around the United States and the world. To date, 31 churches have been planted out of Calvary Vista in 10 different states and eight different countries. Calvary Vista is known for its casual “laid back” atmosphere, heartfelt worship, brotherly love, and clear exposition of the Word.

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